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Sunday, May 25, 2014

All Unreal Engine Tutorials For Download [Torrent]

Hi guys, I made this torrent to share all the UE4 video-tutorials in case you want to save them instead of watching them from youtube (which is slow/buggy sometimes); the videos are in the highest quality (1080p mp4) without any watermark or any other modication of the original files. It includes a playlist so you can watch them in the exact original order.

Here it is the torrent:

In (the very rare) case you don't know what torrents are or how to download them click here for help.
Please seed! Don't delete the torrent once you have download it!

I will put direct links to file hostings later on in case you guys want those better (instead of torrent download)

All the videos are property of EPIC Games and I just intend to share their awesome tutorials about their awesome new version of the engine.